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10 Unbelievable Facts about Digital marketing

10 Unbelievable Facts about Digital marketing

Marketing has always been the gateway to success for companies, products and even politicians alike.  Even the best of products have failed to find takers in the absence of adequate marketing efforts.  But how has marketing evolved over the years?  Or is a marketing strategy that was applicable about a decade ago still remains relevant?  If we understand the answer to these questions, we may be able to know the importance of digital marketing.

The preferred marketing strategy for companies is to advertise their products and services.  The preferred medium for advertisement has undergone sea change over a couple of decades.  First it was the print media, then Radio and Television and now Internet.  Advertising on the internet is a different proposition altogether.  First of all, all the other media had limited users that can be targeted by segment, geographical reach and other such factors.  The internet per-se is a vast medium with billions of users world-wide.  That is both the boon and bane for internet advertising or commonly known as Digital Marketing.  Digital Marketing has already surpassed Television as the preferred marketing medium.  Keeping up with the latest trends and evolutions is the key for survival for every company.  Let us have a look at some of the lesser known facts about Digital Marketing and how things are to shape up over the next decade.

  1. Cable based Television networks are in the vane, at least as far as US is concerned. The world is expected to follow suit. Online video streaming services like Netflix and Youtube have emerged as the new entertainment medium especially for millennials and hold the key to success in marketing efforts.
  2. Who can forget the importance of social media in marketing? Can any advertiser afford to overlook ‘Instagram’ that has more than a billion users? Instagram’s Influencer marketing industry is now worth over a billion US Dollars.
  3. Consumers do not wait endlessly for a page to load. According to studies, a customer is distracted if the load time is more than 6 seconds.  A perfect digital marketing company optimizes the web pages to load speedily along with attention grabbing content and headlines.
  4. Millennials (those who attained adulthood in the new millennium) are the generation who witnessed and grew with the emergence of internet and globalized economy.  Currently they comprise about 31% of the world population with staggering spending habits.  Millennials reject traditional advertising and are quick to adapt newer technologies.  As millennials comprise the major chunk of customers for companies, targeting our digital marketing efforts towards them is essential.
  5. Advertising industry has changed rapidly over the past decade. According to projections companies are to spend about 75% of their marketing efforts on Digital marketing. Digital marketing is projected to grow at a phenomenal rate of 20% over the next 10 years.  This is a pure reflection of how the digital marketing industry has evolved.
  6. Facebook and Google together earn more than $100bn as advertisement revenue, toppling all other media in the world combined. Gen Zers and Millennials rely upon social media even for news and that is the moot point.
  7. Content marketing is another strategy of priority. Rather than drab content, customers prefer content with attached images and integrated visuals. We need to create compelling images and quality design to go along with rich content.
  8. The topmost challenge in digital marketing is the measurement of the success of your digital marketing efforts. As a brand invests huge sums towards advertising, it is necessary to showcase the results of digital marketing efforts. Determining the Return on Investment (ROI) is a challenge.  The ever changing nature of social media networks and search engine algorithms are the other problems.  Techniques such as Total views, Likes, Comments are widely used to estimate the overall influence.
  9. With 1.5 billion users, nearly 1/3rd of internet users are YouTube users. Compared to other social media networks, visitors spend more time on YouTube. Links to YouTube videos with proper descriptions are more likely to engage visitors.  In the highly competitive digital marketing space, a good digital marketing company focuses on choosing the right platform and tools to ensure success.
  10. Nearly 3 billion internet users are live at any point of time which is around 45% of the total users. About 1.7 billion users are active on social media and they rely upon social media before making their purchase decisions.

Having seen the magnitude and potential of digital marketing the next stop for the customer is to choose the right digital marketing company.  Xiologics, Pondicherry is a team of immensely talented individuals adopting the latest trends and strategies in their digital marketing efforts.  Visit for details.

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