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Branding Solutions

Corporate Branding Solutions

The first and most important step for any business is branding.  The competition has turned global and tougher.  Branding is an exercise that makes the prospective customers stand up and look at your business.  Branding creates a positive impression in the minds of the customer.  The first stop in the branding exercise is your logo.  Your logo along with branding explains your customers, the kind of business or service, the product portfolio and your uniqueness.  It plays a significant role in earning customer loyalty and helps you identify with a product or service.

Branding can be done for individuals too.  Professionals like Advocates, Financial consultants can benefit a lot from personal branding.

The branding solutions provided by Xiologics starts with the evolution of appropriate branding strategy, create your own brand identity and logo to be in perfect alignment with your product or service.  Our branding solutions help customer’s standout from the crowd.


Logo Design
Every product or company has just about 2 seconds to impress customers. Here, Logo plays a significant part as it grabs the immediate attention of the customer. By being memorable, logo also makes a strong first impression & heart of branding exercise.
Letterhead Design
The letterhead is not just a communication tool but is an essential component of branding by grabbing customer attention. It reinforces the company’s branding image and represents what the company is all about.
Envelope Design
Envelope design? So what’s the big deal? One may think. Envelope designing is an essential component of your branding effort. A custom designed envelop with quality stationary and printing can go a long way in building your brand image.
Business Card Design
Cards are a handy tool for business promotion among prospective clients. They are easily carried and distributed to customers. Along with proper branding and logo design, business cards add a quick impression among customers.
Signboard Design
Signboards go along with your logo, and a key component of visual appeal and attraction. Signboards act as your unpaid marketing person and helps reinforce the brand image. Signboards help draw the attention of customers while strategically placed signboards are active.
Brochure Design
Most branding strategies like Logo designing, Signboard etc are visually appealing to customers. Such visual enticement should be backed by a well written brochure. Carefully crafted brochures can do wonders to your marketing efforts especially while drawing new customers.
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