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Mobile App Development


Technology is ever changing in nature. In terms of IT Space, first it was computer, then Internet and Email and now Mobile Apps. Statistics reveal that over 60% of users’ world-wide, access the internet through mobile phones. The all-pervasive nature of mobile technology means that companies that are quick to respond and adopt newer technologies only can thrive in a competitive environment. Xiologics, within a short span of time has emerged as the best Mobile app development company in Puducherry. Our primary focus is on fulfilling the needs of customers that gives the best of both worlds. We bridge the gap between your demand and the digital solution. Xiologics is an enterprise involved in the creation of custom mobile applications for iPhone and Android devices. Our mobile apps are robust and drive value to our clients. The Mobile Apps are custom built to easily integrate into the existing systems and software. With a dedicated team of talented individuals our applications are marked by flexibility, ease of use and security. For better online visibility, accessibility and user-experience customers always prefer Xiologics as their preferred partner in Mobile Apps development.


Android Apps account for nearly 75% of all mobile devices world-wide.  The only other competitor iOS comes a distant second at 22%.  The power of Android cannot be stated any more.  Mobile app development companies therefore have to be well versed in Android Apps development as most customers form the segment.

  • Xiologics, Puducherry has a team of experienced Android Apps developers who can build robust android apps for your company, product or service.
  • Our Android Apps utilize the underlying security behind the Android system and also optimized for search engines.
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