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Latest Digital Marketing Trends – 2019

Latest Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

The year 2019 has dawned.  The birth of each year brings about paradigm shift in the ongoing technologies.  The internet is continuing to evolve, with changes happening more rapidly than ever.  What was so important last year is into the oblivion today.  Such is the pace of change in the Digital Marketing space that website developers cannot remain idle even for a minute as having mastered the digital marketing strategy in toto.  They have to maintain constant vigil on the changes happening around, lest all their marketing strategies are caught in a limbo. Looking forward, we have found that the following technologies/strategies will spell success in the year.

The key digital marketing strategies for the year and hopefully for a couple of more years are listed below.  To ensure that your marketing strategy work the way you like you may try to incorporate these in your digital marketing efforts and thus ensure customer delight.

Artificial Intelligence or AI

AI is used to analyze consumer behavior and search patterns and help businesses understand how users and customers find their products and services. AI also offers information and tips to customers by indulging in conversations. Artificial Intelligence helps businesses to save costs and accelerate growth giving an edge over peers.

Programmatic Advertising and Chatbots are the off-shoots of Artificial intelligence.  With programmatic advertising, you can target more specific audience.  This is more efficient leading to higher conversion rates and better customer acquisition.  It is projected that by 2020, nearly 90% of digital display ads in the United States will be programmatic ads.

Similarly Chatbot is another AI based technology which uses instant messaging to chat in real-time 24x7x365, with customers.   Chatbots help businesses to save on costs and preferred by customers as they are responsive and accurate with information.  They offer better customer service often in line with customer expectations.

Personalized Marketing

With personalized marketing, you stand out from the crowd.  Personalization is not just confined to advertising, but also to content, products and emails etc.  Personalized marketing is nothing but utilizing the customer’s purchase history, browsing history, consumer behavior for custom delivery of advertising content.  Those logging on to Amazon website would have witnessed that their emails and advertisements are based on the products you searched for in their website.  Personalization as a marketing strategy is atleast 3 times more effective.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is not just confined to You Tube.  Live videos are gaining popularity and a live broadcast via Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are more effective as a marketing medium.  A large number of businesses have started using it for interviews, product demos and the manufacturing process etc.  Since videos are also displayed in the Search Engine results page, Video SEO is assuming more importance. A360-degree video content, which allows for a more interactive experience, is on the rise.

Social Messaging Apps

We have realized the importance of social media in digital marketing for some years now.  But what is social messaging?  Let’s consider this.  There are about 1.3 billion active monthly users on Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp has an equally good number of active users with around 55 billion messages sent via WhatsApp every day.  These two apps along with WeChat have more combined users than FB and You Tube.  Can you undermine the potential in digital marketing?  These apps are capable of sending personalized messages to customers directly.

Voice search

We have known about Alexa and Siri and how these are voice controlled.  How about voice search?  Something like Alexa, what movies are playing tonight? (at nearby theatres) or Siri, book a ticket for travel by jet airways.  As of now, 20% of mobile queries on Google and 25% of all searches on Bing are voice searches. This is likely to double in the next two years.  With AI getting better and smarter, the errors made by voice search applications like Alexa have considerably reduced.

Several brands are including voice search in their digital marketing strategies to deliver value-based content to customers. Domino’s Pizza for example, allows customers to order pizzas through Alexa:

As the competition gets tougher, innovation is the key to success.  The digital marketing team at Xiologics is capable of handling and incorporating all key innovations in your website.  We always keep ourselves abreast with the latest technologies and trends in the digital marketing space.  It is not without reason that we have evolved as the number one digital marketing company in Pondicherry.

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