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5 Best Ways to Choose the Right Domain Name for your Business

5ways to choose right domain name

Choosing a domain name for your website is not an easy task.  A lot of thinking from a long term perspective goes into it.  Generally, the web hosting services provider chooses the website domain name for you ostensibly based on your company profile, product or service.  Nevertheless, it is essential for you to be associated with the entire process as any slackness on your part may lead to subdued results. Here we give a few strategies and ideas for choosing the right domain name.

Easy to remember and type:  Customers interested in your company may often need to type your domain name to visit your website.  It is therefore necessary for the domain name to easy to remember and type too.  Also the chosen domain name should be closely associated with your business, product, brand etc.

Avoid Slangs and multiple spellings: Domain name is your gateway to success.  The domain name should fit your business, easy to find and search.  Mis-spelt domain name takes the customer to an unintended site, may be even a competitors’.  Domain name should never consist of slangs or words prone to be mis-spelt.  It should short and simple.

Optimized for Keyword: Is it not a good idea if your domain name consists either in part or fully of the keyword that the customers are expected to look for?   Domain names optimized for keyword search drive more traffic to your site.  If you are engaged in car service, a domain name such as is a good idea to start with.  It is always better to include in your domain, the keywords that people enter when searching for your products or services.

Optimized for area of operation:  Having a re-look at the previous example, if you are car service provider in Chennai area, inclusion of the locality will boost your visitor count.  Accordingly, a domain name such as will be even more appropriate, unless you find it too unwieldy.  Here, the customers looking for car service in Chennai are likely to search for the keyword ‘car service providers in chennai’ and including Chennai (or any such location) as part of the domain will ensure that most visitors your website are from the target segment.

Don’t give room for confusion: It is always better to avoid numbers and hyphens in your domain name. If your domain name is, visitors hearing your domain name may often get confused whether you are using the numeral 9to5 or spelt out ninetofive.  If it becomes necessary to register a domain with number or hyphen etc., a better way will be to register the different possible variations of the website name.

Act Fast: Millions of domain names have been registered and web domain in itself is like a needle in a haystack.  Fortunately, registering a domain name is still easy and also comes at the least cost.  Xiologics/Pondicherry is a leading web hosting service provider in Puducherry and remains the preferred choice of customers from Puducherry and world-wide.  Kindly visit xiologics for more details.

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