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Search Engine Marketing Services

Boost your online visibility using our search engine marketing services

Situated in Pondicherry, India, Xiologics is the top web design and digital advertising company that supports enterprises to reach their internet goals with Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Our team ensures results for the efforts made, meaning we provide measurable outcomes through the latest search engine marketing strategies, which drive relevant traffic, increase conversions, and improve visibility on the web.

Targeted Search Engine Marketing

We base our Search Engine Marketing Services on driving targeted traffic to your website or landing page(s) at the right time using highly relevant keywords. To do this with accuracy, we employ different advanced keyword research methods.

We ensure that only those interested see them by making sure ads show up whenever people are looking for information concerning what you offer. For conversion rate improvement, which is necessary for maximum ROI realization, copywriters create persuasive ad copies together with conversion-optimized landing pages.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

With our Professional Pay Per Click Management Services, You can achieve any of these goals:

  • Build brand awareness & online visibility
  • Bring in targeted traffic to your site
  • Increase conversions or sales
  • Track & measure campaigns’ effectiveness
Google Ads and Bing Ads Management

We have experts dedicated to managing Google Ads, including Bing Ad Campaigns, where visibility is maximized as well as conversion optimization is considered. Advanced Bidding Strategies, Ad Copy Optimization, and Landing Page Optimization are implemented for better results.

Expert SEM Services

Our entire range of SEM services covers:

  • Keyword research/ analysis
  • Ad copywriting/ landing page optimization
  • PPC campaign management/ optimization
  • Conversion tracking and ROI analysis

Choose Xiologics for your next SEM campaign and experience what makes us different from other agencies. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help drive targeted traffic or conversions through our search engine marketing services!